The famous WSET, exclusive to AIVA

AIVA, the only Center of Alsace to train at WSET

The wine & spirit Education Trust (WSET), a diploma distributed in more than 70 countries, is today the international benchmark for discovering and specializing in the world of wine. The programmes are aimed at all those who wish to improve their knowledge in this field, both novices and professionals.

WSET trainings are eligible for the training personnel account (CPF) depending on the branch in which you work. They are also listed in the certifications of the National Commission for professional certification (CNCP).

The International Academy of wines in Alsace, is part of one of the only French centers to be approved program provider WSET


You have the opportunity to pass the 3 levels of WSET that exist to date: 

  • Level 1 Award in wines

  • Level 2 award in wines and spirit

  • Level 3 Award in wines

Diego Bonnel, appointed Professor WSET of AIVA, forms at these different levels.

Traveling the world for more than 20 years in search of discovery and knowledge in wine, Diego will make your training dynamic and rewarding.


Discover and sign up for one of our WSET trainings:


Level 1 Award in wines


A diploma course on the basic practices of tasting and knowledge in wine: tasting method, wine service, commentaries, main grape varieties, terroir, production techniques...


Level 2 award in wines and spirits


A diploma course on the tasting of all the wine styles and the factors influencing their quality: grape varieties, terroirs, know-how, the food and wine pairings and the main wine regions of France and the world...


Level 3 Award in wines


A diploma course, on the advanced techniques of tasting: the intricacies of the varietal varieties of different regions, the different factors influencing the quality of the wines, the different wine regions in the world...


  • Eleanor


    "The WSET Level 2 has allowed me to specialize in wine, in France and around the world. The courses with Diego are really quality! We were able to taste and analyze wines from all over the world. This diploma confirms my idea to pass the WSET level 3 soon. "

  • Eleanor
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