WSET trainings


Level 2 award in wines and spirits

The training

This wine and spirits training, recognized nationally and internationally, is intended for profiles from beginners to intermediates.

You will discover the elaboration of different styles of wine, the major wine-growing regions, different types of grape varieties, classifications, labelling terms...

As a result of this training, you will have a solid knowledge base in wines and spirits.

A presentation of the main categories of spirits and liqueurs is also on the programme.


- The development of different styles of wine
- The factors that influence the style of a wine
- The main white and red varieties and their characteristics
- The major wine-growing regions where these varieties are grown in the world
- The development of sparkling, sweet and fortified
wines - The labelling
terms - The principles of food and wine
pairing - The main categories of spirits and liqueurs and their development
- How to describe a wine according to the WSET systematic approach to wine tasting® (level 2)

Public and prerequisites

This training is aimed at: 

  • to those who have basic knowledge in the field of wine;
  •  those wishing to improve their tasting methods;
  • to those in vocational retraining, who want to work in wine.

The duration of the training is 3 days, on the site of AIVA in Landersheim.

About ten wines per day will be tasted.

A WSET booklet is given to everyone. It includes, among other things, the complete details of the training, explanatory photos, wine maps, tasting vocabulary and methodology, free sheets to write your notes, your feelings, your tasting comments, etc....


The exam consists of a 50-item multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ). To succeed, you must have answered 55% of the questions correctly in a maximum of 1 hour.

This training is accredited by the UK regulatory body Ofqual.
Once you have passed the exam, you will be given a WSET certificate and badge.

In case of failure of the examination, it is possible to re-iron it later.

Here is an example of the questions that can be asked for the exam:


1) Madeira is a: 

a) German white wine 

b) natural sweet wine 

c) Portuguese red wine

(d) Portuguese dry white wine 

2) the steps of the traditional champenoise method are, in order: 

a) addition of draught liqueur, foam intake, stirring, disgorgement, addition of dosing liqueur 

b) foam intake, addition of draught liqueur, stirring, disgorgement, addition of dosing liqueur 

c) addition of dosing liquor, foam intake, stirring, disgorgement, addition of draught liqueur 

Solutions for questions: 1) b- 2) a


The price of the level 2 diploma in wines of the WSET® is €600, payable on the site by registering.

No other fees will be expected during your training.

  • Our courses are insured from the moment there are 7 students enrolled. If the session to which you registered is not complete enough, you will be notified by e-mail 20 days before the date of this session. You will have the option to choose another date, or to be refunded. 
  • If any of the dates we offer you do not suit you, and you are a minimum group of 10 people, please contact us via our form.

3 days of training

More than 10 wines tasted per day

A rate of €600

Our next sessions

Tuesday, February 4 to Thursday, February 6

From Friday 17 to Sunday 19 April

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