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Level 1 Award in wines

The training

This training, recognized nationally and internationally, is aimed at beginners who are entering the wine sector or who are simply passionate.

In particular, you will discover the different styles of wines, tasting techniques and food and wine pairings through sight, smell and taste.

Thanks to this level, offer you a first approach in the beautiful world of wine!


-The main types and styles of wine
-The most common grape varieties and their characteristics
-How to store and serve wine
-The main principles of food and wine pairings
-How to describe a wine according to the systematic approach of wine tasting of the WSET® (level 1)

Public and prerequisites

This training is aimed at: 

  • to all, without the need for specific knowledge in the field of wine.
  •  for those who wish to acquire basic knowledge in wine and learn tasting methods.
  • to those in retraining who want to work in the wine business.

The duration of the training is 7 hours over one day, on the AIVA site in Landersheim.

About ten wines specially selected for the training will be tasted.

A WSET booklet is given to everyone. Among other things, we find the complete details of the training, explanatory photos, wine maps, tasting vocabulary and methodology, free sheets to write your notes, your feelings, your tasting comments, etc....


The exam consists of a multiple choice questionnaire (QCM) of 30 questions. To succeed, the candidate must have correctly answered 70% of the questions in 45 minutes.

This training is accredited by the UK regulatory body Ofqual.
Once you have passed the exam, you will be given a WSET certificate and badge.

In case of failure of the examination, it is possible to re-iron it later.

The following is an example of questions that may be asked on the exam:


1) which of these wines can be recommended to a customer who wishes a red wine?

a) Cabernet Sauvignon

b) a Sauvignon

c) a white Chenin

d) a Riesling


2) what kind of wine produces the sauternois vineyard in Bordeaux?

a) dry white

b) a soft red

c) soft white

d) a Rosé


Solutions for questions: 1) a- 2) c


The WSET® Level 1 Diploma in Wine is 230 €, payable on the site when you register.

Apart from possible meal costs, no extra charge is to be expected.

  • Training is guaranteed from 7 registrations. Otherwise, you will be notified by email approximately 2 weeks before the start of the session. You will have the possibility to choose another date or to be reimbursed. 
  • If no proposed dates suit you and you are a group of at least 10 people, please contact us via our form.

1 day of training

7 wines tasted

A tariff of 230 €.

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