Wines in Biodynamics 


Biodynamic agriculture was born in 1924, under the impetus of the Austrian Rudolf Steiner, philosopher and defender of the doctrine of anthroposophy. 

What are the effects of fertilizers and pesticides on the soil? What is the cause of the decline in food quality?

As many questions as Rudolf Steiner were asking themselves!

Eating and drinking more healthily while respecting the environment is now at the centre of the debate. Many biodynamic wine estates have therefore been created, both large and small.

A biodynamic winegrower is first of all a winegrower who is certified in organic agriculture. Biodynamic domains go further than AB label domains.

Their objectives are to give the vine and the soil a balance, resistance and microbial life by banning all chemical treatments used in the cultivation of the vines. To do this, they "energize" the vine and its environment by using very small doses of natural preparations (cow dung, horns, herbal teas). 

Yvan Gerber, sommelier at the tasting evenings in Alsace.

What about the methods used in biodynamics? Do they feel in wine?

Through the course and the wines you will taste at this Evening, discover and immerse yourself in the world of Wines in Biodynamics!


Wines in Biodynamics, discover them!

This evening will allow you to discover biodynamic wines through 7 selected wines.

You will be able to use your visual, olfactory, and gustatory senses to discover and describe these wines, with the help of your Sommelier Yvan.

Beautiful and large trays of accompanimations sublimate this moment.


2 of the many domains you will discover....

Domaine Cazaban: A Languedoc nugget from an original appellation, Cabardès.

More information on their website:


Domaine Kirrenbourg: A reference in Alsace wines, and one of the pioneers in biodynamics.

More information on their website:

From 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

7 selected wines 

€49 per person

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