The secrets of tasting...



Tasting a wine is like a sensory journey :

First we begin to contemplate and analyse its color. Then we wear it to his nose to feel all the aromas. Finally, we let him slip on our taste buds

These different stages will allow us to establish the profile of the wine... and see also If we like!

To know how to taste a wine, allows us tolearn to know our tastes and toappreciate more fully what is in our glass. It is not something innate, it is learned!

"The secrets of the tasting" takes you on a fabulous journey. 

Yvan Gerber, sommelier at the tasting evenings in Alsace.

"He who knows how to taste never drinks wine again, but he tastes his secret suave."
Salvador Dali

The art of tasting a wine

This evening will allow you through 7 selected wines, to discover the techniques and the key vocabulary of the tasting.

Using your Visual senses , olfactory, and taste you will be able to describe a wine, and fully appreciate this fascinating universe.

Beautiful and large trays of accompanimations sublimate this moment.

Une superbe démonstration vous est proposé le 22 octobre !


From 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

7 selected wines 

€49 per person

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