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To develop its modern educational concept and offer state-recognized diploma courses, AIVA benefits from direct collaboration with many organizations, companies and universities.

All have as their sole and unique objective to lead the student through the diploma to fulfil himself in a profession. At AIVA, teaching is carried out by passionate professionals working in all strata of the wine world. This allows the student to be at the heart of the company, while putting these theoretical assets into practice.  

The wine world lacks competent people who know how to do the jobs of today and tomorrow; In our school, students have all the keys in hand to succeed in their future jobs. 

  • The University of Haute-Alsace UHA in partnership with the school of Alsatian wine AIVA.
    University of Haute-Alsace UHA

    Our wine school and the University of Haute Alsace deliver the university diploma of Sommelier in restoration and the university diploma of sommelier Caviste. 

  • The IAE School of management in partnership with the Alsatian wine school AIVA.
    The IAE School of management of Nancy

    AIVA and the IAE School of Management in Nancy award the Double Diploma Bac+3 Licence Professionnelle - Diplôme Supérieur en Vins et Spiritueux.

    This Double Diploma is awarded: 

    • A Professional License in Logistics and Marketing of Beverages, Wines and Spirits
    • A Higher Diploma in Wine and Spirits Knowledge.
  • The stars of Alsace in partnership with the school of Alsatian wine AIVA.
    The stars of Alsace

    The university diploma of Sommelier in restoration is the fruit of a partnership between AIVA and the stars of Alsace; students do their internships in an alms-starred restaurant. 

  • The Grand Est region in partnership with the Alsatian wine school AIVA.
    The Grand East region

    The Grand Est region has set up a bus service with a stop right in front of the Academy to allow students to easily reach Strasbourg and Saverne.

  • The town of Saverne in partnership with the Alsatian wine school AIVA
    The city of Saverne

    From 2019, the students of AIVA will have the opportunity to stay in beautiful studios and apartments set up by the city of Saverne, located about 10 minutes from Landersheim. 

    Women and Men...
    Sharing, Knowledge, Experience.

    A willingness to pass on

    Experienced men and women as owners or managers of wine estates, winegrowers, entrepreneurs, merchants, traders, teachers, researchers, culture leaders, oenologists, restaurateurs, chefs, sommeliers, wine merchants, marketing managers... intervene during the various training courses to transmit their professions to students. 

    They are therefore immersed in a context where the practical aspect is masterful and where the sharing of knowledge and experience by qualified personnel is paramount.

    Our diplomas allow our students to train professionally and to be immersed in the world of business. Our partners also offer work-study internships during the training of students, as well as job offers.


    Our internship and employment opportunities

    Bernard Magrez
    Armand Landmann
    Chateau Regula
    Cattin domain
    Domaine de Cazaban
    Domaine Pelaquié
    Domaine Rochemond Grand Becassier
    House penet
    King of the wine Stiring Wendel
    Winemaker of the great South
    Chateau Minister Wine
    King of Wines
    Gm Distribution
    Lafaurie Peyraguet
    Peby Faugere
    Domaine Bott Geyl
    Schoepfer Estate
    Great terroir of the South West
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