The students of AIVA will have several times the opportunity to go on the field and to touch with their own hands the land, to familiarize themselves with the professional world of wine.

Far from being a word wine!

The International Academy of wines in Alsace is still talking about it!

We had the privilege of having two pages today in the latest Alsace news, with as titled "far from being a word wine"!

And that's the case, because AIVA opens its doors to you in October 2018!

Degrees from Bac 1 to Bac 8 are already available.

In an exceptional setting, the student is truly at the heart of the profession. The school is in the company and the enterprise in the school. Combining academic teaching with the teaching of wine professionals, AIVA gives the student the assurance of being in total harmony with a real profession.

Upon graduation, the student will have acquired the ability to integrate a business by immediately adding added value.

The student will also be able to act as a manager or business manager in all wine trades, from production to marketing.

He will be able to manage his winery from production to sale, but also to create his business, his cellar, his wine bar, his business...

With AIVA, from university degrees, to bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, students will get a real job.

The trades: Winemaker, Head of Culture, Master of Chai, Manager, Manager of a winery, Manager of a Cave, Manager of a Caveau, Manager of a Wine Bar, Business Buyer, Buyer, Purchasing Manager or Director, Manager or Director of Wine Marketing, Trader, Seller, Dealer, Importer, Exporter, Radius Manager in Retail, Sommelier, Broker, Commercial, Commercial Director in France and Abroad, Commercial Agent, Logistician, Creator, Designer, Trainer, Teacher...

The Latest News of Alsace made a two-page article on the International Academy of Wines in Alsace. A school with innovative pedagogy, it allows each student to immerse themselves in the professional and academic world, to make the desired profession in the wine world.



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