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Dominique Destouches


Managing more than ten companies in the wine world, Dominique Destouches founded the International Academy of Wines in Alsace in 2015. 

Reconciling education delivered by professionals with the recognition of diplomas at national and international level is the strength of AIVA, a force led by Dominique Destouches. 


Christophe Bertsch


Director of the Vine, Biotechnology and Environment Laboratory at the University of Haute Alsace (UHA) and University Professor, Christophe has a long experience in the wine industry.

The Eureka project it is piloting is one of nine programmes selected by the Ministry of Agriculture in the context of the decline of vineyards.
In 2019, he was knighted in the Order of Agricultural Merit.
He brings to AIVA all his technical knowledge and teaching expertise. 


Sibyl Flour


Lecturer in biochemistry at the University of Haute Alsace, his research subject at the Vine, Biotechnology and Environment Laboratory is the fight against diseases of the vine wood.

Sibylle Farine took part in the creation of the Agronomy Department of the Faculty of Marketing and Agrosciences of the UHA, was in charge of the pedagogical direction of the Agronomy and Food Processing Degree from 2003 to 2013 and developed innovative teaching methods that put students in a situation of professionalization.

Today she is the pedagogical manager at AIVA, she brings her scientific culture and her experience in higher education.


Jeff Garrett

Responsible for professional matters

Yvan has a long experience as a sommelier and has worked in many starred restaurants. Recognized in his profession, he has been for 18 years a sommelier and wine merchant. He has also created one of the most beautiful cellars in France. 

His desire to transmit led him to take responsibility for the Academy's professional subjects.


Yu Kang


French teacher in China and abroad, then marketing development manager in several French companies, it is by joining a French wine trading company in 2013 that Yu discovered a passion for wine. 

Today at AIVA, Yu manages the integration of foreign students and the development of international partners.


Saloua Bennaghmouch-Mayor


Saloua Bennaghmouch-Maire is a lecturer in economics at the University of Haute-Alsace. 

She was Director of faculty from 2003 to 2013 and Vice-President of the University in charge of international relations. She has participated in the creation of numerous diplomas and has assumed responsibilities of coaching, animation and direction of diplomas.

She is currently Director of the Marketing Department and responsible for international relations at the University of Haute-Alsace. She is responsible for university degrees at the international wine Academy in Alsace.


Word from the General Manager

Christophe Bertsch

"The impacts of globalisation are felt at all levels of the wine chain. The production of wines, its trade and consumption evolve very quickly and adaptations are necessary. It is necessary to align the teaching with these changes and that is the ambition of AIVA. AIVA is above all a team of enthusiasts of the world of wine and education. The harmony that has been created there between teaching professionals and wine professionals today makes it possible to display high and strong our willingness to award diplomas that lead to a profession. "

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