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Alsace is among the major wine regions of France and its central geographical location in Europe makes it a privileged place to create an Institute of international reach.

The International Academy of wines in Alsace (AIVA) was born from the initiative of passionate people and the combined will of a region and a wine-producing profession turned to the future.



With thirty years of experience as a company manager in the wine industry, it became necessary for Dominique Destouches and his professional partners to align the training with the reality of the evolution of the wine world and the wine trade.

In 2015, Dominique Destouches, president of VPCF (Vins Propriétés et Châteaux de France) launched a training organisation dedicated to wines and spirits and joined forces with partners to start the project. That year, he met Marc Rinaldi, another wine and vine enthusiast for decades. Together, they have more than fifty companies to their credit as winegrowers, creators, builders, craftsmen, buyers, managers, traders, wine merchants, traders, importers and exporters. The pooling of their skills led to the creation of the International Wine Academy in Alsace. Very quickly the actors of the Grand-Est region and more than 1000 winegrowers, merchants, distributors, cellarmen, hypermarkets and supermarkets, shops, restaurants and other professionals from France and around the world joined the project.

And it was thanks to these committed partners that AIVA was able to see the day in 2017.

AIVA was also able to benefit from the support of the University of Haute-Alsace. The year 2018 saw foreign universities join the concept and this is how many partnerships with Canada, China, the United States, Mali, Senegal, Switzerland... to give the international dimension sought.


The concept

AIVA is committed to facilitating the professional integration of its students. Pedagogy in Landersheim is thus based on "learning by doing" and on the observation that "the classroom is not the point of arrival of knowledge, but the point of departure". The stated desire to link theory to practice is reflected in the cooperation of recognized professionals and highly involved academic partners. The spirit of initiative and creativity is developed by working in groups of students from diverse backgrounds and by welcoming them into an innovative structure, where classrooms mix with small open work rooms and relaxing spaces.

The International Academy of Wines in Alsace teaches, develops and deepens all the wine professions: Viticulture, Vinification, Sommeliery, Management, Marketing, Communication, Management, and Marketing. AIVA proposes and ensures the adequacy between the education provided and the professional skills required. AIVA collaborates with people appreciated for their professionalism in the wine sectors, sales, communication, export, wine tourism and others. These professionals will ensure that the training is pragmatic and realistic in the field.

AIVA adapts itself to a very varied audience and offers both very short courses on demand, as well as courses to university degrees. All diploma courses include mandatory periods in companies proposed by AIVA; they are an integral part of the individual project tutoré.

The concept of AIVA is thus divided into three points; a theoretical quality teaching validated by university partners, putting into practice with professionals and the central position of the student by taking control of his training in an environment conducive to innovation.

AIVA ensures the perfect match between education delivered and professional skills required.

Invigorating and inspiring life

AIVA offers a dynamic and inspiring learning environment; classrooms, tasting rooms, relaxation rooms, an amphitheatre, a sports hall, a restaurant... offer an exceptional setting totally dedicated to studious studies.

The spirit of teamwork finds a serene space for the development of each individual.

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    Located in Landersheim in the Far East region, AIVA is in the heart of Europe in a peaceful and green setting, accessible by public transport from the surrounding cities. The proximity of Strasbourg airport and the TGV station is an additional asset in the international dimension of the Academy.

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