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University degree


Developed in partnership with Les Étoiles d'Alsace and the University of Haute-Alsace, the Diplôme Universitaire de Sommelier en Restaurant aims to meet the recruitment needs of restaurateurs and professionals in contact with customers who know the wine world.

The profession of sommelier in the restaurant industry covers a very wide field of activity, requiring a high degree of versatility and advanced general knowledge, from wine making to wine and food pairing.

The training offers students the opportunity to acquire the required skills in both the dining room and the vault. It allows them to have the knowledge and know-how to be efficient and operational in their future professional functions.


Becoming a sommelier in Michelin-starred restaurants. Know how to match food and wine. This is the primary purpose of this diploma. 

The practical dimension of the training will allow you to be directly operational on the labour market or to continue your studies.

Public and prerequisites

The diploma welcomes, according to a limited number of students, any person wishing to deepen their knowledge of wine to become a sommelier in the restaurant business. 


The Sommelier-Cavist University Diploma is composed of 7 teaching units.

You will taste about 200 wines and spirits.

Visits to vineyards, companies, case studies and conferences are also on the programme.

1. sommellerie

- French
wine-growing regions - Food
and wine pairing - Wines of the world
- Spirits
- Beers

2. knowledge of wines

- History of the vine and wine
- Production
techniques - Tasting
techniques - Technical English

3. Management

- Teamwork
- Professional English

4. Management

- Dashboards
- Business Calculations ( fundamentals )

5. Marketing

- Market
trends - Table management and marketing, regional
specificities - Wine
serving techniques - Non-alcoholic drinks

6. Professionalization

- Professional
seminars - Case
studies - Field trips, visits

7. Immersion in a company

A 22-week immersion in a company is included in the training, in the form of an internship or work contract.

This immersion can take place in one of our partner companies depending on the availability of places or in the company of your choice.

Trades and opportunities

You can be directly recruited by top restaurateurs as a sommelier responsible for all the operations of the trade: purchase and management of the stock, management of the dining room and advice on food and wine pairings.

You will be recognized as an expert in the sommelier and the profitable management of the wine, spirits, coffee, tea... a gourmet restaurant.

Sommelier in Michelin-starred restaurants
Sommelier in the vault
Head of the room
Liquid card manager 


300 hours alternating lectures and tutorials. The courses take place in our establishment. However, some field applications could take place outside the academy.

The training consists of 22 weeks in the company. This period can take place in one of our partner companies depending on the availability of places, or in the company of your choice.

See our partner companies 

Courses are delivered as follows: 

1/3 by professionals 

1/3 by professionals with a minimum of 20 years experience in the wine industry.

1/3 by teacher-researchers 

The tutored project: 

If you wish, you can carry out during your University Diploma a professional project of your choice in line with your training.

Time spent on your project is added to the lectures and tutorials.

You will be followed by our pedagogical team throughout the realization of this project, whether or not it is really successful.


Application deadline

September 1, 2020

Start of training

September 7, 2020

End of training

July 22, 2021

TO JANUARY 29, 2021


5 months of practical teaching in our Academy. 

Classes take place outside school holidays: 

  • Monday afternoon
  • Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Thursday
  • Friday morning

TO 22 JULY 2021


Our pedagogical team ensures that what you have learned is put into practice in your company, as well as the successful completion of your tutored project if you have chosen to include it in your training.


  • Sarah


    "Having already started out in the restaurant business and after a season as a sommelier in the south of France, I decided to join AIVA in order to specialize in wine and more particularly in sommeliers.

    AIVA provides us with technical knowledge about wine and tasting, while being in the professional world thanks to an alternating rhythm. The courses are given by professionals in the field, which allows us to have a real vision of the profession. "

  • Hélène


    "I have been retraining in the restaurant business for several years and wanted to deepen my knowledge in the field of wine and spirits.

    The environment, the supervising staff, the courses given by professionals allow me to evolve and acquire the necessary knowledge to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele. "

  • Émilie


    "Currently a student, I am highly satisfied with the Academy, as much with the courses as with the tastings, the availability of the management team, the various events organised and the conviviality.

    Everyone's investment is felt, the slightest question is answered in record time. It would be difficult to find a more pleasant and motivating place to study the world of wine. "

  • Sarah
  • Hélène
  • Émilie

How do I register?

Are you interested in enrolling in this Diploma? Just follow these steps: 

Step 1: Fill out our application page

1. Go to our application page
2. Fill in the requested information and attach the following documents:

Mandatory parts: 

  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of your identity document (identity card, passport or driver's license)
  • Last diploma obtained to date

Optional parts: 

  • Cover letter 
  • Other diploma obtained
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Work certificate

No file fees are required. 

Step 2: maintenance 

After receiving your application, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

The purpose of the interview is to answer all your questions. It allows you to know your motivations and to see if our Diploma is in line with your professional objectives. It can be done in our Academy or via Skype.

Step 3: Your registration 

At the end of your interview, we will be able to register for the next session of the Diploma!

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about this Diploma? Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email!

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