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The MBA 2 Wine & Spirits Marketing and International Trade is obtained after a one-year training at the International Wine Academy in Alsace.

This Master of Business Administration (MBA) is structured to make you a high level manager in the wine industry, capable of managing and creating a business.

It complements the MBA 1 Wine & Spirits Marketing and International Trade.

This MBA is the logical continuation of the MBA 1 Wine & Spirits Marketing and International Trade.

It makes you a high level manager in the wine industry, capable of managing or creating a business.

Public and prerequisites

The diploma welcomes, according to a limited number of students, students with a Bac + 4.


The MBA 2 Wine & Spirits Marketing and International Trade is composed of 9 teaching units:

1. Marketing Strategy

- Digital
marketing - Community Management
- Sustainable marketing and CSR
- Phygital

2. Company Law

- Legal
form - Company law in France
- International company law 

3. Business creation

- Financing
- Cost Analysis and Budget
Control - Goal
Setting - Accounting
- Case Study 

4. Corporate Strategy

- Crisis
management - Taxation
- State
agency controls - Competition
- Management

5. Communication

- Trade
shows - Event
creation - Promotional
tools - Media relations

6. Languages

- Business English and French 
- Wine and Spirits Vocabulary in English
- Wine and Spirits Vocabulary in Chinese ( option )

7. Professionalization   

Visits to vineyards, companies, case studies and professional seminars are on the programme.

The MBA also allows you to carry out a professional project of your choice in line with your training. 


  • Professional Seminars 
  • Case Study 
  • Field trip, visits
  • Professional project   

8. Immersion in a company   

A 6-month immersion in a company is included in the training, in the form of an internship or work contract.

This immersion can take place in one of our partner companies depending on the availability of places or in the company of your choice.

9. Advanced Knowledge of Wine & Spirits   

This teaching unit will allow you to put into practice your knowledge in marketing, commerce and business management through more than 350 wines, spirits and beers tasted.

In this context, several points are addressed in the Advanced Knowledge of Wine & Spirits unit:


  • Advanced tasting techniques
  • Engineering the crops of tomorrow
  • Quality approaches in production
  • Legal environment in wines & spirits



  • Terroirs in France and around the world
  • The major areas
  • Stories of vine diseases
  • Oenology 
  • Wine tourism
  • Wine in the coming decades



  • National and international distribution channels
  • Luxury wine and spirits 
  • Ecommerce
  • The organization of international markets
  • Brand strategy in the 21st century

Trades and opportunities

This MBA 2 provides students with the mastery of all the tools necessary for success in business management, management, marketing and trade of wines and spirits in France and internationally.

You will have the knowledge to create or acquire your company, become a business engineer, brand ambassador, wine consultant, import-export manager, marketing manager, customer relationship manager, sales manager, key account manager, sales promotion manager, advertising manager.

Capable of creating, mastering, adapting, managing and directing, you will be able to undertake and make a place for yourself in the world of commerce and business.

The diploma allows you to enter the job market directly.

Business leader
Import-export Manager
Business Engineer
Marketing Director 
Wine Consultant
Sales Manager 
Brand Ambassador
Sales manager 


500 hours alternating lectures, tutorials and professional projects. The courses take place in our establishment. However, some applications may take place outside the academy, as many visits to vineyard owners, merchants, wine merchants, brewers and distillers take place.

Classes are held in French and English. 

The training includes 6 months of immersion in a company. This period can take place in one of our partner companies, depending on available places, or in the company of your choice.

See our partner companies 

Courses are delivered as follows: 

1/3 by professionals from the wine world :  

1/3 by professionals with at least 20 years of professional experience in the wine industry

1/3 by teacher-researchers 

These professionals are business leaders and managers in the wine and spirits industry, experts in finance, business transfer, commercial law, labour law, marketing, bankers, accountants, lawyers, etc.

The professional project: 

The MBA 2 Wine & Spirits Marketing and International Trade allows you to carry out a professional project of your choice in line with your training. 

This professional project can be your real life and business project to launch your career.

This project can also be the one you started in MBA 1.

You will be followed by our pedagogical team throughout the realization of this project, whether or not it is really successful.


Application deadline

September 1, 2020

Start of training

September 7, 2020

End of training

July 22, 2021

TO JANUARY 29, 2021


5 months of practical teaching in our Academy. 

Classes take place from Monday to Friday, outside school holidays.

TO 22 JULY 2021


Our pedagogical team ensures that what you have learned is put into practice in the company and that your professional project is carried out successfully. 

How do I register?

Are you interested in enrolling in this Diploma? Just follow these steps: 

Step 1: Fill out our application page

1. Go to our application page
2. Fill in the requested information and attach the following documents:

Mandatory parts: 

  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of your identity document (identity card, passport or driver's license)
  • Last diploma obtained to date

Optional parts: 

  • Cover letter 
  • Other diploma obtained
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Work certificate

No file fees are required. 

Step 2: maintenance 

After receiving your application, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

The purpose of the interview is to answer all your questions. It allows you to know your motivations and to see if our Diploma is in line with your professional objectives. It can be done in our Academy or via Skype.

Step 3: Your registration 

At the end of your interview, we will be able to register for the next session of the Diploma!

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about this Diploma? Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email!

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