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The MBA 1 Wine & Spirits Marketing and International Trade is obtained after a one-year training at the International Wine Academy in Alsace.

This Master of Business Administration (MBA) is structured to make you a high level manager in the wine industry, capable of managing and creating a business.

It allows you to train in business management, management, marketing and the wine trade, while following a complete course around the knowledge and tasting of wines, beers and spirits.  

The world of wine has changed enormously in recent years. International trade is increasing. Versatility and adaptation are key points.

This international-oriented training will allow you to become a professional (the) marketing and sales of wine, able to adapt to the future. 

Public and prerequisites

The diploma welcomes, according to a limited number of students, students with a 3-year higher education diploma.


The MBA 1 Wine & Spirits Marketing and International Trade is composed of 9 teaching units:

1. Marketing and Sales

- Strategic marketing 
- Consumer behaviour 
- International marketing 
- International prospecting 
- Brand communication strategy

2. Business management

- Business techniques and management 
- Operation and development of a company
- Purchase and sale of a company 
- Cost analysis and budgetary control 
- Business plan

3. Management of companies

- Project Management 
- Human Resources Management 
- Innovation Management 
- Business Law

4. Decision support methods

- Game theory and information economy
- Case study

5. Logistics

- Logistics
- Dashboards

6. Languages

- Business English and French 
- Wine and Spirits Vocabulary in English
- Wine and Spirits Vocabulary in Chinese ( option )

7. Professionalization   

Visits to vineyards, companies, case studies and professional seminars are on the programme.

The MBA also allows you to carry out a professional project of your choice in line with your training. 

  • Professional Seminars 
  • Case Study 
  • Field trip, visits
  • Professional project   

8. Immersion in a company   

A 6-month immersion in a company is included in the training, in the form of an internship or work contract.

This immersion can take place in one of our partner companies depending on the availability of places or in the company of your choice.

9. Knowledge of Wine & Spirits   

This teaching unit will allow you to put into practice your knowledge in marketing, commerce and business management through more than 350 wines, spirits and beers tasted.

In this context, several points are addressed in the Knowledge of Wine & Spirits unit:


  • Tasting techniques 
  • Vocabulary in wines and spirits



  • History and evolution
  • Wine in globalisation 
  • Wine in culture
  • The different vineyards ( French wine regions and regions of the world )
  • Oenology
  • Spirits and Beer Development
  • The analysis of the quality factors of a wine
  • Organic, biodynamic and then what? 



  • The specificities of sales/marketing in wines and spirits in France
  • The specificities of sales/marketing in wines and spirits internationally
  • Specific sales/marketing features in beer
  • Import/Export
  • International Trade


Trades and opportunities

This MBA 1 provides students with the mastery of all the tools necessary for success in business management, management, marketing and trade of wines and spirits in France and internationally.

You will have the knowledge to create or acquire your company, become a brand ambassador, wine consultant, import-export manager, marketing manager, customer relationship manager, sales manager, key account manager, sales promotion manager, advertising manager...

Capable of creating, mastering, adapting, managing and directing, you will be able to undertake and make a place for yourself in the world of commerce and business.

The diploma allows you to enter the job market directly or to pursue an MBA 2 Wine & Spirits Marketing and International Trade at the International Wine Academy.

Wine consultant
Import-Export Manager
Brand Ambassador
Sales Manager
Marketing Manager
Sales Manager
Business leader


500 hours alternating lectures, tutorials and professional projects. The courses take place in our establishment. However, some applications may take place outside the academy, as many visits to vineyard owners, merchants, wine merchants, brewers and distillers take place.

Classes are held in French and English. 

The training includes 6 months of immersion in a company. This period can take place in one of our partner companies, depending on available places, or in the company of your choice.

See our partner companies 

Courses are delivered as follows: 

1/3 by professionals from the wine world :  

1/3 by professionals with at least 20 years of professional experience in the wine industry

1/3 by teacher-researchers 

These professionals are business leaders and managers in the wine and spirits industry, experts in finance, business transfer, commercial law, labour law, marketing, bankers, accountants, lawyers, etc.

The professional project: 

The MBA 1 Wine & Spirits Marketing and International Trade allows you to carry out a professional project of your choice in line with your training. 

This professional project can be your real life and business project to launch your career.

You will be followed by our pedagogical team throughout the realization of this project, whether or not it is really successful.


Application deadline

September 1, 2021

Start of training

September 6, 2021

End of training

July 22, 2022

TO JANUARY 28, 2022


5 months of practical teaching in our Academy. 

Classes take place from Monday to Friday, outside school holidays.

TO 22 JULY 2022


Our pedagogical team ensures that what you have learned is put into practice and that your professional project is carried out successfully. 


  • Sébastien


    " Passionate about wine for many years, I decided to join AIVA after a professional reconversion.
    Initially graduated with a Master of Science in Agronomy and Environmental Science from Wye College (Kings College and University of London), I chose this diploma for the professionalization aspect, notably in wine tasting, international trade, and import/export which will be essential in my future career.
    We have been trained by enthusiasts and professionals in the sector, both for the tastings and for the more theoretical courses, which are just as exciting.

    Visits and meetings with professionals are enriching.

    We are fortunate to be in an academy where we are continually pushed to excel.

    Thanks to the whole team for this fabulous
    adventure. "

  • Clément


    "Being at AIVA means opting for a complete training.
    We are immersed in the company: 

    Both on the theoretical side with very enriching courses given by professionals, and on the practical side with the realization of numerous projects and case studies.

    This diploma also gives me an international dimension that opens many doors. "

  • Clémence


    "My goal is to take over a winery.

    AIVA brings me practical knowledge about wine and tasting, but also in export, in computer science, in management... We're touching on a lot of things. Because the classes are small, we have the right to really personalized courses; Teachers are concerned about our success.

    The atmosphere is very warm, while remaining serious. "

  • Timothée


    "With a strong experience in sommellerie in the hotel and restaurant business, I turned to AIVA to acquire the necessary knowledge to enter the world of commerce. They were able to meet my expectations during my year in Double Diploma Bac+3 Licence Professionnelle-Diplôme Supérieur en Vins et Spiritueux. I thus decided to continue with them in MBA in order to deepen the notions of import-export. At the same time, I work for the company "Vins de propriétés et châteaux de France" which has trusted me and trained me in the business of mass distribution. Passionate about the brewing world, I am pursuing the project of developing and promoting craft brewers in mass distribution. 

    We are thus developing partnerships with various Alsatian breweries in order to better represent them in stores, such as Brasserie Perle, Brasserie 3 mats, etc... "

  • Marie


    "After graduating from a DUT in biology and wanting to guide me in the wine business, the degree offered by AIVA brings me a lot of new knowledge, whether in tasting, accounting, management...

    Moreover, we are in a small group, which facilitates the exchange with the teachers and allows us to have almost private lessons in order to better understand and succeed. "

  • Sébastien
  • Clément
  • Clémence
  • Timothée
  • Marie

How to apply?

Are you interested in enrolling in this Diploma? Just follow these steps: 

Step 1: Fill out our application page

1. Go to our application page
2. Fill in the requested information and attach the following documents:

Mandatory parts: 

  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of your identity document (identity card, passport or driver's license)
  • Last diploma obtained to date
  • Cover letter

Optional parts: 

  • Other diploma obtained
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Work certificate

No file fees are required. 

Step 2: maintenance 

After receiving your application, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

The purpose of the interview is to answer all your questions. It allows you to know your motivations and to see if our Diploma is in line with your professional objectives. It can be done in our Academy or via Skype.

Step 3: Your registration 

At the end of your interview, you will be determined on your potential enrolment at the Academy.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about this Diploma? Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email!

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