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Marketing and Sales
Course Wine Marketing and International Trade

Master session in French or English



The master 1 marketing and sales course wine marketing and international trade was developed in partnership with the Faculty of marketing and AgroSciences of the University of Haute-Alsace. It is obtained after a one-year training. This master is structured to develop advanced techniques in marketing and sales. The master 2 marketing and sales course wine marketing and international trade completes this first year of training.


The world of wine has changed dramatically in recent years. International trade is intensifying. Versatility and adaptation are paramount points.

This international-oriented training will allow you to become a professional (the) marketing and sales of wine, able to adapt to the future. 

Public and prerequisites

The diploma accommodates, according to a quota workforce, students in possession of a BAC + 3.


Session in French: 

530 hours alternating lectures, tutorials and tutored projects. The training takes place over 1 year. Courses are given from October to June at the Marketing Department of the Faculty of Marketing and Agrosciences of the University of Haute-Alsace in Colmar. 2 immersion periods are planned on the AIVA site in Landersheim: in December and June.

The teachings are taught by academic researchers and marketing and sales professionals.

Session in English: 

550 hours alternating lectures, tutorials and tutored projects. The training takes place over 1 year. Most of the courses are given at the AIVA site in Landersheim. Teaching is provided by research teachers and marketing and sales professionals.

The training includes 22 weeks of practical internship in one of our partner companies.

You will benefit from the legal bonus as part of your internship.

It will be possible to carry out this internship on one or several periods of immersion.

If you already have a job, it is possible to combine the training with your schedule.


The Master 1 Marketing and Sales Wine Marketing and International Trade courses consists of two certificates:

The AIVA theoretical part certificate

The Master 1 Marketing and Sales Wine Marketing and International Trade courses is composed of 9 units of marketing, sales and knowledge of wine.

The 9 teaching units: 

1. marketing and consumer behaviour

-Strategic marketing
-Consumer behaviour
-International marketing
-Brand communication strategy

2. Business management

- Cost analysis and budget control
- Project management

3. methods of decision support

- Game theory and information economy
- Case study

4. languages and professional project

- English or French business
- Professional project

5. Wine economy

- International wine market economy
- International trade and technology

6. marketing strategy

-Sustainable marketing and CSR
-Ethno/Visual and sound anthropology

7. business management

-Human resources management
-Innovation management
-Business plan

8. Logistics

- Logistics
- Business law
- Tabeaux on board

9. the knowledge of wine unit: 

This teaching unit will allow you to put into practice your knowledge in marketing and sales through wine. 

In this context, several points are discussed in the knowledge of wine unit:

  • History of wine
  • Wine in globalisation 
  • Wine in culture
  • The different vineyards
  • The different production techniques 
  • The analysis of the quality factors of a wine
  • Tasting techniques 
  • Vocabulary in wine 
  • Know how to talk about a wine
  • Sales/marketing specificities in wine in France
  • Sales/marketing specificities in international wine

The AIVA certificate practical part

which brings together the tutored project and the internship.

Trades and opportunities

At the end of your training, you will be able to become a brand ambassador, wine consultant, import-export manager, marketing manager, customer relations manager, sales manager, customer manager, manager major accounts, sales promoter, advertising manager... Able to create, master, adapt, manage and manage, you will be able to undertake and make a place for yourself in the world of commerce and business.

The diploma also allows you to continue studying in Master 2 Marketing and Sales Wine Marketing and International Trade Courses, or in another institution thanks to your ECTS credits.

Wine consultant
Import-Export Manager
Brand Ambassador
Sales Manager
Marketing Manager
Sales Manager
Business leader


Application deadline

September 13th

Start of training

On 16 September

End of training

On 1 July


  • Clément, 23 years old


    "Being at AIVA means opting for a complete training.

    We are immersed in the company: 

    Both on the theoretical side with very enriching courses given by professionals, and on the practical side with the realization of numerous projects and case studies.

    The Master 1 Marketing and Sales that I do in English, also allows me to have an international dimension that opens many doors. "

  • Clément, 23 years old

How do I register?

Are you interested in enrolling in this Diploma? Just follow these steps: 

Step 1: Fill out our application page

1. Go to our application page
2. Fill in the requested information and attach the following documents:

Mandatory parts: 

  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of your identity document (identity card, passport or driver's license)
  • Last diploma obtained to date

Optional parts: 

  • Cover letter 
  • Other diploma obtained
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Work certificate

No file fees are required. 

Step 2: maintenance 

After receiving your application, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

The purpose of the interview is to answer all your questions. It allows you to know your motivations and to see if our Diploma is in line with your professional objectives. It can be done in our Academy or via Skype.

Step 3: Your registration 

At the end of your interview, we will be able to register for the next session of the Diploma!

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about this Diploma? Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email!

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