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The training

The Doctorate of Business Administration, Luxury Marketing and International Law, is the result of a partnership between AIVA the International Academy of Wines in Alsace, the Higher School of Management and International Trade (ESGCI), business school prestigious Parisian in the world, from the University of San Diego in California School of Law, one of 84 law schools selected by the Order of the Coif, and the WCPUN, World Council of Peoples of the United Nations.

It offers students the opportunity to specialize in legal issues, marketing management, and luxury goods. Accompanied by professors and entrepreneurs in luxury, students will have the opportunity to carry out their theses with an international, scientific, academic, and professional vision.

AIVA trains students in the luxury management of wine, notably through the intervention of luxury brands, and obtaining the WSET.


The graduate will be directly within a gigantic professional network, and will be able to develop his career from the outset thanks to the credibility of his professional skills during his thesis.

He will be able to become International Brand - Marketing Director, Public Relations Director, International Fashion Director, Head of Retail, Head of Business Development, Director of brand IP rights, full-time entrepreneur...

Public and prerequisites

The Doctorate welcomes, according to a contingent staff:
- Experienced senior managers, consultants, and management teachers
- Master or MBA students


The training takes place over three years from November 2018, in the form of seminars in Paris, San Diego and Landersheim. The Ph.D. is segmented into three parts: The construction of literature review and method tools, writing and analysis of research field data, and interpreting the results and finalized writing of the Doctoral thesis.
Depending on their goals, each student personalizes his career, accompanied by his thesis director.


The AIVA phD program consists of two distinct elements: obtaining The WSET, and the knowledge and practice of wine in the business world.


The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), a diploma distributed in more than 70 countries, is now the international reference for discovering and specializing in the world of wine. The programs are aimed at all those who wish to improve their knowledge in this field, both novices and professionals.

Knowledge and practice of wine in the business world

1. Knowledge of great wines

- Features
- The prestige wine market

2. Sommellerie

- Wine tips and comments
- Mastering the business meal

3. Field Works

- Production technique
- Visiting major French estates

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