Diploma Manager Sommelier-Cavist International Course



The Higher Diploma Manager Sommelier-Caviste International Course, is obtained after a one-year training, alternating or in initial training. This training will allow you to become a qualified sommelier, able to manage a team and trade in wine in France or abroad. It was developed in partnership with VPCF (Wines of Properties and Châteaux de France), and several partners from France and the world.


This Diploma will allow you to become a qualified sommelier, capable of managing a team with an international vision. 

The practical dimension of the training will allow you to be directly operational in the labour market, or to continue your studies.

Public and prerequisites

The higher diploma, according to a quota workforce, accommodates students:
-in possession of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent,
-or having at least three years of professional experience.


The Diplôme Supérieur Manager Sommelier Caviste is composed of 8 teaching units.

You will taste about 200 wines and spirits.

Visits to vineyards, companies, case studies and conferences are also on the programme.

1. sommellerie

- French
wine regions - Wines of the world
- Spirits
- Beers

2. Viticulture and oenology

- History of vines and wine
- Production
techniques - Tasting
techniques - Legislation
- Technical English

3. Management

- Group building and personal
development - Team
management - Business English

4. Marketing and sales

- Market
trends - Prospecting
- Marketing CHR

5. Management

- Tableaux de bord
- Calculs commerciaux

6. Import-export operations

- Import and export techniques for wines and spirits
- Wine and spirits
logistics - International distribution channels

7. Professionalization

- Professional
seminars - Case
studies - Field trips, visits

8. Immersion in a company

A 22-week immersion in a company is included in the training, in the form of an internship or work contract.

This immersion can take place in one of our partner companies depending on the availability of places or in the company of your choice.

Trades and opportunities

You can apply as a sommelier in a cellar, manager, salesman, liquid department manager in supermarkets, specialist store manager, sales manager, import-export manager, marketing manager, sales manager... Leader capable of managing a team of 3 to 20 people, the sommelier-cavist manager is above all a sommelier who knows how to manage his department perfectly; you will be recognized as a specialist who can advise the customer and guide him in choices that have become more and more complex. You will be able to manage the supply and sale of products, in France and abroad. 

Head of department
Responsible for a cellar


350 heures alternant cours magistraux et travaux dirigés. Les cours ont lieu dans notre établissement. Certaines applications terrain pourraient toutefois se passer à l'extérieur de l'académie.

The training consists of 22 weeks in the company. This period can take place in one of our partner companies depending on the availability of places, or in the company of your choice.

See our partner companies 

Courses are delivered as follows: 

1/3 by professionals 

1/3 by professionals with a minimum of 20 years experience in the wine industry.

1/3 by teacher-researchers 

The tutored project: 

If you wish, you can carry out a professional project of your choice during your Diploma in Sommelier-Cavist Manager during your training.

Time spent on your project is added to the lectures and tutorials.

You will be followed by our pedagogical team throughout the realization of this project, whether or not it is really successful.


Application deadline

September 1, 2021

Start of training

September 6, 2021

End of training

Le 29 juillet 2022

AU 29 OCTOBRE 2021


2 mois d'enseignement pratique dans notre Académie. 

Classes generally take place outside of school holidays: 

  • Monday afternoon
  • Mardi, mercredi et jeudi
  • Friday morning

DU 29 OCTOBRE 2021
AU 29 MARS 2022


Classes take place at AIVA on Mondays and Tuesdays.

3 days in the rest of the week are done in the company. 

Le mois de décembre est entièrement en entreprise.

Our pedagogical team ensures that you put into practice what you have learnt, as well as the successful completion of your tutored project if you have chosen to include it in your training.

DU 29 MARS 2022 AU 29 juillet 2022


Complete immersion in a company, 5 days a week. 

La période en entreprise se termine au plus tard le 29 juillet 2022. 

Un total de 22 semaines en entreprise doit être réalisé. 


  • Clémence


    "My goal is to take over a winery.

    AIVA brings me practical knowledge about wine and tasting, but also in export, in computer science, in management... We're touching on a lot of things. Because the classes are small, we have the right to really personalized courses; Teachers are concerned about our success.

    The atmosphere is very warm, while remaining serious. "

  • Valérie


    "As the Manager of a vault, joining the school AIVA allowed me to validate managerial achievements and to improve myself in sommellerie.

    At 40 years old resume studies is a challenge that I agree perfectly!

    My goal to die less stupid! And enrich me to enrich... "

  • Marie


    "I have always been interested in wine, because it's very broad, and with AIVA, you can see that you can touch everything! 

    Being in a company continuously during the week, and not just 1 week out of 2 or 2 weeks out of 2 as many schools do, allows you to be really immersed and learn a lot. 

    My internship in a winery with more than 2500 wine references allowed me to directly put into practice the knowledge seen in class. At the end of my training at AIVA, I was able to be hired as a sommelier in this cellar. Today, I am a salesman in a large French wine trading company."

  • Laurent


    "Learning by doing", "meeting to learn", are the precepts of AIVA. I've always been like that myself. 

    I am well-versed in commercial techniques, particularly in export (extensive experience in Central and Eastern Europe, the cradle of viticulture), and I have relied on AIVA to progress in my wine learning because if what sells wine is not only the product itself, it is also important to know what you are selling!

    To combine the pleasure of wine and the business of wine, that is my vocation!"

  • Vincent


    " "Il ne faut pas jouer avec la fibre du vin, il faut la vivre". En reconversion professionnelle, j'ai décidé de conjuguer métier et passion.

    Je ne me suis pas trompé d'école. Un corps enseignant professionnel, à l'écoute et qui s'affaire à nous plonger dans la réalité du terrain.
    Pas de distance, une communication positive qui permet d'avancer dans ses projets personnels.

    Les dégustations sont nombreuses, alors attention aux cirrhoses !

    J'ai trouvé bien plus que ce que j'espérais au départ de cette formation et pourquoi pas un jour transmettre moi aussi, mon savoir à travers l'AIVA ! "

  • Clémence
  • Valérie
  • Marie
  • Laurent
  • Vincent

How to apply?

Are you interested in enrolling in this Diploma? Just follow these steps: 

Step 1: Fill out our application page

1. Go to our application page
2. Fill in the requested information and attach the following documents:

Mandatory parts: 

  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of your identity document (identity card, passport or driver's license)
  • Last diploma obtained to date

Optional parts: 

  • Cover letter 
  • Other diploma obtained
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Work certificate

No file fees are required. 

Step 2: maintenance 

After receiving your application, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

The purpose of the interview is to answer all your questions. It allows you to know your motivations and to see if our Diploma is in line with your professional objectives. It can be done in our Academy or via Skype.

Step 3: Your registration 

At the end of your interview, you will be determined on your potential enrolment at the Academy.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about this Diploma? Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email!

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