Marketing of wines and spirits-national and international markets


The training

The graduate degree Marketing of wines and spirits - National and international markets of the International Academy of Wines in Alsace, is obtained after a one-year training, alternating or initial training. This diploma adds the international dimension to the specific aspects of the wine and spirits business profession. It was developed in partnership with VPCF (Wines of Properties and Châteaux de France), and many partners from France and around the world. 

This Diploma trains you in the trade of wines and spirits at the national and international level. 

The practical dimension of the training will allow you to be directly operational in the labour market, or to continue your studies.

Public and prerequisites

The higher diploma, according to a quota workforce, accommodates students:
-in possession of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent,
-or having at least three years of professional experience.


600 hours alternating lectures, directed work and tutored projects. The training takes place over one year. The majority of the courses take place at the AIVA site in Landersheim. Some of it takes place on other sites depending on the field applications. The teachings are taught by research teachers and professionals from the world of wine making and international trade.

The training includes a minimum of 32 weeks of practical internship in one of our partner companies.

In the course of your internship, you will receive a monthly allowance of €800 minimum.

This internship can be carried out on one or more immersion periods.

If you already have a job, it is possible to combine the training with your schedule.


The senior AIVA diploma is composed of two certificates.

The AIVA theoretical part certificate

which brings together the Common Core (200h) and the international trade option (120h):

The 5 teaching units: 

1. Knowledge of the wine sector

- Knowledge of the wine and spirits market
- The challenges of the international wine and spirits market
- Tasting
- Oenology

2. Computer tools managing database

- Prospecting and piloting tools
- Creating dashboards and databases

3. Management techniques and personal development

- Team management
- Personal development, decision-making
- English wine

4. Import-export operations

- Export and import techniques for wines and spirits
- International wine and spirits logistics
- Possible international aid
- Customs warehouse management techniques and documents
- Prospecting and international trade shows

5. The environment of international trade operations

- Managing an international team
- Wine and spirits marketing
- Negotiation seminar

The AIVA certificate practical part

includes work in business (equivalent 140h) and internship (140h equivalent).

Trades and opportunities

At the end of this training the student will be able to manage the wine trade from the search of the customer, until the follow-up of the shipments. During the course, all the traditional trade and sales techniques will be taught as well as the import-export-specific operations. He will be able to apply as head of sales on the national and international market, import-export manager, marketing manager, salesmanager in French and foreign wines, etc.

Sales manager
Import-export manager
Marketing manager


Application deadline

On 1 September

Start of training

On 16 September

End of training

On 1 July

Cost of training

The cost of the training is 6000 euros. 


Step 1: filing the application file online

1. go to our application page
2. fill in the requested information and attach the following documents:


  • A curriculum vitae 
  • A copy of your identity document (identity card, passport or driver's license)
  • The last diploma obtained


  • Cover letter 
  • Other diploma received
  • A letter of recommendation 
  • A work certificate

No file fees are required. 

Step 2: maintenance 

Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you promptly and agree to an interview if you are eligible. 

The interview takes place in the form of an oral, aiming to know your motivations, and the adequacy between your professional project and the training targeted. It can be done in our Academy, or via Skype.

Some opinions from our students on this Diploma

  • Clémence, 21 years old


    "My goal is to take over a winery.

    AIVA brings me practical knowledge about wine and tasting, but also in export, in computer science, in management... We're touching on a lot of things. Because the classes are small, we have the right to really personalized courses; Teachers are concerned about our success.

    The atmosphere is very warm, while remaining serious. "

  • Marie, 18 years old


    "I've always been interested in wine, because it's finally very wide, and with AIVA, you can see that you could touch everything! 

    Being in a business continuously in the week, and not just 1 week out of 2 or 2 week out of 2 like a lot of schools, allows you to be really immersed and learn lots of really cool stuff! "

  • Clémence, 21 years old
  • Marie, 18 years old
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